Sunday, August 2, 2009

21st Century Bookshow Episode Three 4.8.09

Incredibly, some 62 people - and possibly even more - checked out our little web-vision show last week, and that classifies as encouragement to us. So here we are, back for another week of mumbling and totally unscripted book babble. This week we discuss three excellent additions to the Australian literary landscape: Andrea Goldsmith's Reunion, Ashleigh Sievwright's The Shallow End, and Jeff Sparrow's Killing.


  1. Nice work, gals.

    I love putting my phone on silent.

    But not as much as I love white mugs.

  2. um... yes, Kess, me too! new phone... need to read the instructions yadda yadda... ;) oop!

  3. Also, I LOVE your intro, and I reckon you girls are destined for fame and, preferably, fortune.

    Plus you are two of the most endearing and eloquent presenters out.

    I'm just still trying to work out who's who ...