Sunday, August 23, 2009

The 21st Century Bookshow Episode 5

Hi folks. Well, we missed an episode last week on account of the excitement at the Melbourne Writers Festival currently going on but we've returned. Here we revisit a few bits and pieces from a couple of weeks back and have a little chat about the festival and our prize winning author Steven Amsterdam (and his book Things We Didn't See Coming, which just won the Age Book of the Year!). Also, at some point, it sounds as though Zoe is saying "of course all the lovely authors don't go to the festivals..." This is supposed to be the opposite, something more like, "all the unlovely authors don't go to the festivals", but something happened to those crucial two letters of the alphabet and they didn't show up for work at that exact moment. So hopefully you get what on earth she's talking about. It certainly explains why Lou is looking at Zoe a little nonplussed, which Zoe is used to by now, and she can understand why. Perhaps all their conversations should be recorded.


  1. aaaaa! Now I get it, zzzz. right widdya! xx

  2. We meant "homonym" - a word that sounds the same but has a different meaning. (Does surreal/cereal count?!) "Synonyms" are words with the same meaning (but that are completely different in sound). "Antonym", that's the easy one, that's a word that means the opposite to another.