Monday, July 27, 2009

The 21st Century Bookshow Episode Two 28.7.09

This is the second episode of our little show, following a totally successful (!) and completely untested pilot. If you'd like to see the pilot, we'll get it up soon. And rest assured, it stands to reason that with the way these sorts of things evolve over time, this little program will get better, not worse (um, Zo, can we really be sure of this? - L). So if you're a little ho-hum about this episode, you'll be distinctly less unimpressed next time! (we hope!)


  1. Great to see you twos on casual TV. Would be tops to see the jackets of all the books that you are talking about. Even for a sec. Work the Televisual.

  2. Good idea! OK, will do. Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Nice idea - I'll be back to have a look.

    Not so literary, but I loved Judy Blume when I was young and tormented.

  4. Zoe, I can't believe you preferred Man of My Dreams to Prep! I saw this yesterday and I'm still recovering ... you backed up your choice pretty convincingly though. I wasn't convinced, but only because I've read them both and already hold the opposite opinion.

    This is really fun.

  5. The camera loves you, ladies. Consider yourselves BLOGGED.
    (MORE Sneezes, pleases.)