Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Episode 8

Cate Kennedy's first novel The World Beneath has got us rabbiting on over time, but believe me, we could have gone on for a lot longer. What a wonderful debut novel from a seriously pro short story writer. This novel's gotta be one of the most impressive releases this year. We also have a little look at YA novel Liar, and a kid's classic, Diary of a Wombat. Yep, just like sand after a day at the beach, we're a little all over the place.

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  1. Please rabbit on about Cate Kennedy ad infinitum!! I mean this is a woman who even cooked brownies for her book launch (delicious)! I can't recommend the book highly enough. I actually liked all the characters despite their foibles, but a well written book can make any character sympathetic to a sucker like me (yes,even Humbert Humbert...)